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This is not normal

UPDATE: There’s a gazillion webpages doing this so I’m just going to quit. Check out or just google for a list of pages. This is a running tab of the hilarity of Trump’s America. The flow of info on Facebook and Reddit is such that the good points and memes are hard to find again, so I’m making this page for myself as a running list of bookmarks but feel free to use for ammo against the bootlickers/alt-right. So much is happening day to day that it’s hard to remember all of it.

Sean Spicer says that “crowds can’t be estimated” then goes on to say that inauguration was largest in history. Gives out false numbers for DC metro ridership.

Sean Spicer retweets The Onion (captured and put on imgur in case the original tweet gets deleted)

Bannon given role on National Security Council, demotes the director of National Intelligence and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Holocaust Museum’s “warning signs of fascism” is eerily familiar

White House claims five-year-old boy detained in US airport for hours ‘could have posed a security threat’

White Trump Supporter shoots up a mosque in Quebec, original suspect is cleared and identified as a witness.

Trump claims that 3-5 million people (coincidentally the amount he lost the popular vote by) voted illegally in the last election. Leans on a group with a history of trying to disenfranchise minority voters to “prove” it.

Sean Spicer holds up a fucking tweet during a press conference

Sean Spicer tweets out his password

Historical reminder, snowflakes beat the nazi’s

What’s the connection between Devos, Bannon, Conway, etc? They’re all members of the council for national policy (CNP)
White House Press Briefing includes Skyping with right wing radio hosts

Kellyanne Conway cites “Bowling Green Massacre” that never happened in order to defend Trump’s muslim ban

I know true love when I see it

Gary calls in sick…

Gary: here’s a great trick for calling in sick. jami – pretend that you’re not listening. nobody copy and paste to HR. Call your boss while lying on your back with your neck hanging over the bed.
Peter: Good advice. I always just tried to sound congested, but that sounds more grounded in science.
Gary: the entire physical discomfort of the position alters your voice in such a way that you sound different from your usual self. done correctly, you’ll sound sick or you might even graduate to sounding like you’re on your deathbed.
Josh: wow. Sounds effective
Gary: that’s the only thing my dad ever taught me that should be shared, and yes: this could qualify as sharing knowledge with other teams if i send it the Office.
Sean: you could write it up in a wiki doc
Gary: in this day and age where we type instead of calling the boss, i find that it’s still an effective technique. the physical discomfort leads to typing mistakes, which makes you seem either way out of it or just plain stupid.
Sean: place the laptop on the floor. lean backwards over the bed, reach over your head and attempt to type
Gary: i just tried it. i think i broke my neck.
Sean: … the result is a valid excuse to not come into work. I think that accomplishes exactly what we were going for
Gary: +1


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