Gary calls in sick…

Gary: here’s a great trick for calling in sick. jami – pretend that you’re not listening. nobody copy and paste to HR. Call your boss while lying on your back with your neck hanging over the bed.
Peter: Good advice. I always just tried to sound congested, but that sounds more grounded in science.
Gary: the entire physical discomfort of the position alters your voice in such a way that you sound different from your usual self. done correctly, you’ll sound sick or you might even graduate to sounding like you’re on your deathbed.
Josh: wow. Sounds effective
Gary: that’s the only thing my dad ever taught me that should be shared, and yes: this could qualify as sharing knowledge with other teams if i send it the Office.
Sean: you could write it up in a wiki doc
Gary: in this day and age where we type instead of calling the boss, i find that it’s still an effective technique. the physical discomfort leads to typing mistakes, which makes you seem either way out of it or just plain stupid.
Sean: place the laptop on the floor. lean backwards over the bed, reach over your head and attempt to type
Gary: i just tried it. i think i broke my neck.
Sean: … the result is a valid excuse to not come into work. I think that accomplishes exactly what we were going for
Gary: +1

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